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Visitor Registration

Europe Exhibition and Product Service S.L. offers a quality of services that the visitors will enjoy. Qualitative service under the estimated budget is the speciality of Europe expo where visitors can fully rejoice and appreciate the service provided. It can adjust the pool of visitors as it has more than ten thousands capacity seats. It has several refreshment points where the visitors can cheer up. It has a separate point for breakfast, snacks, fast food and dinner. High grade food as per the demand and preference is served by the professional chefs. A separate area is allocated for the parking purpose which has the capacity to hold thousands of vehicles. It provides proper security of the vehicles and takes responsibility if any accident arises in its premises. It has a bank from where national and international monetary transactions can be done. The first aid service is available with the professional health person. Visitors with a health problem can be treated there with good care and the proper medication under the prescription of a doctor will be provided. There is a service of lost and found where if any person is misplaced from their family or friends in the crowd, we announce their name in each speaker and wont let them be alone until they get together. There are telephone booths in several points.

Visa application


To register online to fasten the procedure and avoid any mistake happened by the handwriting, We strongly recommend you to log on our website:

  • 1. During the period of epidemic prevention and control, foreigners entering Europe should strictly follow the rules and regulations implemented in different europe regions. The related costs of isolation and/or treatments shall be borne by the individual entering schengen country .
  • 2. To fasten your visa procedure, we recommend you to apply for a tourist visa first in your own country.
  • 3. We can send you an invitation letter for the visa application. It is important to state the place where your visa will be issued.
  • 4. Each invitation letter for visa application is charged at €250. This amount carries a Visa INVITATION letter and EXPO visitor pass. Expenses incurred for visa application will be fully borne by the applicant.
  • Payment
  • 1. Order without accompanying payment will not be processed.
  • 2. All related bank charges will be born by the payer.
  • 3. The original copy of invitation letter will be mailed to you upon request and related courier charge will be borne by the applicant.
  • 4. Mode of payment will be accepted either via online payment or bank transfer.
  • 5. 100% Payment is non-refundable.