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Europe Exhibition and Product Service S.L. is the complete package of the professional team which is integrated to provide the complete set of well supported services to all the exhibitors, visitors and the outfitters. 


Europe Exhibition and Product Service S.L. is the complete solution for furnishing the equipment and required construction for the events. In collaboration with the team, europe expo builds a huge capacity of the set which helps to make the event more attractive. The set is fitted along with the safety measures in case any undesirable and uncertain circumstances arise. The separate area is allocated for each exhibitor with the required measurement in square feet. The area is fitted and decorated in such a way that it matches the products and services being exhibited by the exhibiting company. Europe expo offers a variety of solutions as per the requirement. We can completely rely on the technical team associated with the europe expo for the fitting purpose as they have huge years of experience in such fitting works.



 Europe Exhibition and Product Service S.L. has a separate food department where the chefs are experienced and ready to serve the qualitative food. It has a diversified catering service which can serve the varieties of food. The quality of food is focused which is acceptable by everyone. Along with the help of the best service provider it aims at providing the good food along with the best serving facilities. We assure that no one will miss the home food when they get to taste the food made by us. We ensure that no one needs to worry about the varieties because we serve the sets of dishes based on the country’s specialty. We let you fill up the form before your arrival where you can mention the preference of the food and as per that we will arrange the varieties of dishes.



 Europe Exhibition and Product Service S.L. has an proficient and devoted hospitality department to assist in accommodation, transportation and entertainment. We are responsible to manage the special rooms in the hotels as per the location you prefer. We assure to accommodate you in the comfortable room with the various luxurious facilities. We have a partnership with a group of companies who are accountable for providing the luxurious rooms in the hotels, entertainment, customised tours, on-site reception and assistance. We assist you in your shipping and receiving requirements. With the transportation facilities of ours you can arrive at special events in time. We have genuine freight partners who can ensure the timely and hassle free arrival of your shipment. All the staff are familiar with the rules and regulation of the exhibition and they can handle any situation that comes up. We work with the trusted customs brokers for our shipment purposes. We make sure that the shipment is checked in every station and we share the tracking information too. We can guarantee that the exhibit material will arrive on time without any error.


Europe Exhibition and Product Service S.L. is active in digital services. With the digital help of Europe Exhibition and Product Service S.L. the exhibiting company can connect with the customers on and off the trade show floor. We use the digital marketing strategy in order to connect with people before, during and after the shows. We notify you about the ongoing process through live streaming on social platforms. We use the recent technologies for communicating your message to your customers proficiently. We publish all of the ongoing information to keep track of the moments. We use the integrated marketing strategies where we inform your customers pre show and follow up after the show. Social media interaction during the event can increase the interest of people in your business. It could pique the interest of potential customers when they see how the products and services are. It helps to have personal interactions and helps you to answer the queries of the people through a digital platform.