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Europe Exhibition and Product Service S.L is the trusted company to manage and organize events and fairs worldwide. The technical team aligned with our company helps us for set-up, logistic service and other multi purpose activities which ultimately benefits the various groups to have the rejoiceful experience of the event. Many investors are associated with our company by allocating a certain amount of their capital. It is our responsibility to provide return on their investment. The future financial return will be shared with the investors as per the percentage of their share and the gain of the company.


An integrated value chain

Europe Exhibition and Product Service S.L offers a wide range of services for exhibitors and outfitters to ensure a unique experience to events and fairs. Most of the services can be ordered and purchased online from the Fiera Milano E-Service.


Europe Exhibition and Product Service S.L guarantees prompt non-stop assistance during the exhibition and during the set-up and dismantling phases through customer service offered to outfitters and exhibitors. For info: