Booth-Booking                                                                                                                         Visitor Registration

Overview:The huge space of Europe Exhibition and Product Service S.L. is separated into several small areas from a public area which is known as a booth. A separate booth is given to the exhibiting company in order to showcase their products and services. When renting the booth you are not tied up to the same booth size, you can update the size of the booth as per the shows and the products to be displayed. As per the need of the exhibiting company we create an exhibit which helps to connect with the customers effectively and reinforce the brand by staying in par with the budget.

Details: Every exhibiting company needs to fill up the booth booking form in order to book a booth. The booth booking form contains the information of the delegate, order, payment and authorization. The general information regarding the name, family, organization, email and contact should be filled up with the relevant information. Order details should be mentioned in the form. You can book a booth as per the size you want. The booking fee differs as per the size of the booth and the payment should be made as per the time period mentioned in it otherwise the booking will be void. The booking can be cancelled in the mentioned time period but the cancellation charge will not be refunded.